Hi everyone, hope all is well.
Today I will continue my “The making of a wedding cake” series. This time I will show you how to create a masterpiece of a cake. It takes almost no effort at all, and still gives the cake the “wow-effect”.

Before moving on to the cake decorating, I just want to mention that I’ll be at the “Hembakat” baking fair in Uppsala, Sweden, this weekend. Come by and say hi if you happen to be in the area!

I love to decorate cakes in a simple way, and these silicone moulds are just perfect.


The silicone molds I use here are from Global Paf Molds and Karen Davies.

The largest lace mold used here is called Silicone Mold/New Elegant Lace MOLD 025. I got it from


I also use Rose Vintage Lace Border Mould By Karen Davies. I got this from


Isn’t this marzipan lace just beautiful? It looks so real, and I promise it’s not hard to make.



  • Lace mould
  • Edelweis/edible dusting powder from Squire Kitchen
  • Brush
  • Marzipan or sugarpaste

Start by brushing edible dusting powder onto mold.

E95A3450 E95A9142

Roll out the marzipan or sugarpaste and place into mold.

Press down firmly. You can use a rolling pin or smoother for this.

You can place the mold in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to release the marzipan later.


Turn mold upside-down and gently peel the marzipan from the mold.

E95A1441 E95A1450 E95A9143 E95A9148

Brush the backside with a little water and carefully attach to the cake.

If making a large cake you will probably need two of these.

E95A9152 E95A1673

I also made marzipan pearls for this cake, using a silicone pearl mold, 3 mm.

Brush the mold with edible dusting powder, I used Edelweiss from Squire Kitchen. Make a thin marzipan rope and press into the pearl cavities. You can use a smoother for this. Freeze for 5 minutes before releasing pearls from the mold. Attach pearls to the cake with a little water or edible glue.


Next time I will show you how to make beautiful sugar roses, perfect for decorating wedding cakes. Stay tuned!

Have a great day you all .

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