About Passion4Baking The Magazine

Passion4Baking The Magazine is a digital baking and lifestyle magazine published by Passion4Baking.com and Manuela Kjeilen.

We aim to be the magazine that home bakers will love, as we have packed the magazine with inspirational recipes and inspiring articles, all illustrated with stunning photography. You will also find video clips, Manuela’s tips and tricks, any much more.

Contact the team: magazine@passion4baking.com

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About Passion4Baking – The blog

Passion4Baking.com started as a Norwegian baking blog in March 2010.

The blog has grown a lot since then, but still focuses on fun and easy baking. It’s a place to explore recipes, desserts, cake decorating and everything sweet, explained with step-by-step photographs. The recipes are classic and approachable, inspired by Manuela’s favorite flavors. You can also find informational posts about different baking techniques, everything from piping techniques to secrets about making the best meringue.


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About Manuela Kjeilen

Manuela Kjeilen is a Norwegian full-time blogger, author, lecturer, photographer and home baker. She started blogging in 2010, knowing little about the journey on which her blog would take her. Manuela later embarked upon a career as a cookbook author and baking personality. Her Instagram account, @passionforbaking, has a whopping 1.3 million followers – and counting.

Manuela spends most of her time in her studio kitchen where she works on new ideas for book projects, collaborators, articles, and of course for the blog itself. These days Passion4Baking the Magazine is the centre of attention, in addition to filming a TV-show which will air on Swedish television this winter.

Though Manuela has enjoyed a successful career in baking, she is not a trained pastry chef. She is self-taught, and the five years of blogging developed into a steep learning curve, both when it comes to baking, recipe writing, photography and business in general.

Manuela (47) is married and the mother of five from ages 16-27, and she lives in Sweden with her family.

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Meet the editors


Manuela Kjeilen – Editor at large

Contact: manuela@passion4baking.com


Maria Villmones Bondeson_photo credit Manuela Kjeilen

Maria Villmones Bondeson – Editor

Contact: maria@passion4baking.com





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Subscriptions to Passion4Baking The Magazine

To subscribe for Passion4Baking The Magazine 2016 (4 digital issues): 12$. Original price is 24$ – sign up now to get a 50% discount.

You will get:

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  • Lots of delicious recipes
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