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Caramel brownies

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well. Tomorrow I’m off to Copenhagen to attend an event which is arranged by Bosch. I hope for sunny days, I don’t get to see the sun very often this time of year and I’m longing for some rays of sunshine… Read more…


Breakfast oatmeal muffins

Good morning everyone. Today I made a healthier oatmeal muffin, perfect for the mornings when you need a quick breakfast on the go, but you still need something to fill you up until lunchtime. If you like oats you’ll be sure to like these muffins, here is the recipe. Read more…


Old fashioned hamburger

Hello everyone. Sometimes when I go to TGI Friday’s in Oslo I like to treat myself to a nice burger. I am a big fan of the TGI Friday’s Twisted Southwest Burger. Apart from the grilled burger topped with cheesy sauce, it consists of twisted potato chips, melted cheese, fresh pico de gallo, sliced jalapeños […] Read more…


Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. It’s no secret that my favorite US restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory. When I have a chance to go there I always get the grilled chicken Caesar salad, and the famous banana cheesecake. I’ll leave the cheesecake for later, but today I’ll share my version of the […] Read more…

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