Hello there, these caramel popcorn snacks are super yummy and very easy to make – have a go, you won’t regret it!

You’ll need:

  • 1 quantity vanilla caramel
  • 2 bags ready-made popcorn
  • pretty straws or sticks
  • chocolate, for dipping (optional)

I made the vanilla caramel from scratch, you can find my recipe here.

When the caramel has reached 248 °F (120 °C), remove the pan from the heat.


Line a baking tray or pan with baking parchment, tip in the popcorn and spread out to make an even layer.

Pour the warm caramel over the popcorn.


Stir to mix, working quickly before the caramel starts to set.


Shape balls from the mixture, and insert a straw into the center of each ball.


Leave to firm up some more before dipping into melted chocolate, if you like. Arrange onto a greased sheet of baking paper.


A big hit in my home!

If using tempered chocolate these will stay nice and shiny for a few days. If you’re not dipping in chocolate they will keep for at least a week.


These make a pretty little gift!

If you want you can melt shop-bought caramel for these, but I think homemade is better. You can of course pop the popcorn yourself, with or without salt.

Have a nice day everyone!


Hugs from me to you.







  1. Linda brendemo Reply

    Så forresten kjempegodt ut. Må nok lage det til søndagskosen hjemme hos mamma og pappa hvor vi samles store og små hver søndag. Ha en fin dag videre.

  2. Sania Cheema Reply

    I’m such a fan and i’ve only been following you on instagram since a couple of weeks. Is your cook book in english? And which language is this website. I need to translate. Thankyou ! 

    • Thank you Sania,
      My books and blog are in Norwegian.
      My book in English will be available in fall 2014.
      Happy baking

  3. Ååååå, dette skal jeg lage til julesnacks, ser kjempegodt ut!!!! 

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