Hello everyone! Friday is here yet again, the weeks just seem to fly by…

May 17. is coming up in a few days, and if you didn’t know already – May 17. is the National Day of Norway. These success macarons are perfect for a celebration like this, or for any other celebration.



Success Macarons


Use this recipe to make the macarons, don’t add any food colorings here.

Leave to cool completely and rest for a couple of hours.


Sandwich together the macarons with the success cream, you can find the recipe for this delicious filling here.

3 (2)

Melt some dark chocolate (preferably tempered) and dip the top half of the macarons into the melted chocolate for a nice finishing touch.



Now nothings remains but to enjoy, and to share with the people around you.

I hope you are tempted…


I wish you all a wonderful weekend, take care of each other.

Hugs from me to you.






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