Happy Monday everyone, I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and happiness.

I spent a day at an amusement park with my children, and there they had chocoate dipped marshallows and various chocolate dipped fruits. Those of you who have my Norwegian book Manuelas Diner may have seen these marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut, pecans and sprinkles.

These are easy to make, either with shop-bought or homemade marshmallows.

You’ll need:



  • 1 quantity marshmallow mixture
  • coating chocolate, or regular chocolate
  • pecans, coconut or sprinkles
  • paper straws


I use a silicone mold here, it’s quite expensive but you could just as well use mini cupcake cases. If you use mini cupcake cases, remember to grease them with non-stick baking spray.


Alternatively just dust a sheet of baking parchment with powdered sugar and pipe the marshmallow mixture directly onto the parchment. Dust the marshmallows with some extra powdered sugar and leave to dry for at least 20 minutes.


If you have a mold like this one spray the cavities with non-stick baking spray and pipe the marshmallow mixture into each of them.

You can find the recipe for the marshmallow mixture here.


Leave to dry for at least 20 minutes, dust with some powdered sugar and pop them out of the mold.


Thread three marshmallows on to a paper straw or skewer.


Grease a sheet of baking parchment with non-stick baking spray.

Dip the marshmallow sticks into some melted coating chocolate.

About coating chocolate: I use coating chocolate because the surface stays nice and shiny for days, even weeks. If you use regular chocolate here the surface will change very quickly, and it won’t stay shiny for more than a day or two.

Ok, dipping… talk about chocolate and marshmallow yumminess…

Place the dipped marshmallows on to the greased baking parchment.




Leave them to dry a little, then sprinkle with your chosen sprinkles. My suggestions:

  • chopped pecans or other nuts
  • coconut
  • sprinkles or hundreds and thousands



Once the chocolate is completely set these can be stored in cute plastic bags, just remember to use coating chocolate if you’re giving them away.


I hope you’re inspired to try making these yourself…


I wish you a great day, hugs from me to you.










  1. Lourdel Ludovica Reply

    how do you perfectly coat them with chocolates?? do you and something on the chocolate mix?

    • Team Passion4Baking Reply

      Hi Lourdel, it’s easier to get a nice coating if you use coating chocolate.:)

      -Team Passion4Baking

    • Team Passion4Baking Reply

      Hi Rebecca, the cavities are approximately 4 cm in diameter.

      -Team Passion4Baking

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