Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here again and today I’ll show you how to make Caramel crunch candy which is perfect for Christmas.

The chocolate covered outside is nice and crunchy, and inside you’ll find a delicious homemade chocolate covered fudge caramel.

This is quite simply my favorite candy, not only perfect for Christmas but they are also the perfect treats to serve to your friends. And if that wasn’t enough: they’re easy to make, too.


Start by making the caramel fudge.


Caramel fudge

  • 3 cups (675 g) regular sugar
  • 1 cup (237 g) heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup (55 g) butter
  • 2 tablespoons liquid glucose
  • pinch of salt

Place a pan on a high heat. Tip in 1 cup (225 g) of the sugar and start heating up the sugar. Turn down the heat to medium and stir regularly until the sugar is melted and has a nice caramel color.


Add the cream and the rest of the sugar and continue stirring.


Add the butter, glucose and salt and continue stirring until the temperature reaches 230 °F (110 °C).

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Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl and beat on medium speed until it starts to thicken.



Pour into a greased square pan and chill for 2 hours.


Cut into squares and wrap each of the caramels into a piece of greased baking paper.



Now make the Caramel Crunch Candy.

You’ll need the following:


  • caramel fudge squares (the number of squares is up to you)
  • Crispy rice cereal
  • dark chocolate (coating chocolate)

Put the wrapped caramel fudge squares in the freezer for 10 minutes.


Melt some dark chocolate in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water.

Remove the caramel fudge wrappings and dip each of the squares into the melted chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off.


Roll the chocolate dipped caramels into some Crispy rice cereal, then arrange on a greased sheet of baking paper.

Leave to set for 10 minutes.


Now dip in chocolate again, and place onto a greased sheet of baking paper.

Leave to set completely.


These candies will keep well in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a month.


Let them come to room temperature before serving.

I hope you’re tempted! I wish you all a wonderful day.

Hugs from me to you.




  1. What am i doing wrong? My caramel does not look like this! ist not as dark, not as clear in the color, and its really soft and a looks a lot more like fudge than yours? Yours look like caramel….. 

    • Team Passion4Baking Reply

      Hi Clara, maybe you are not cooking it long enough, it gets darker and darker the more you cook it. Also, remember that after adding the butter, glucose and salt – cook until it reaches 230 °F (110 °C)
      Practice makes perfect! 🙂

      -Team Passion4Baking

  2. Thank you – i think i did all that…. I may not have cooked it long enough, i stopped when it started to smell burned.
    And i made it three times because i wasn’t satisfied 😉 So at least i have enough now 😀 
    I’ll try again sometime soon 🙂 (They taste AMAZING even though its not what i expected!)

    • Team Passion4Baking Reply

      Hi Patricia, you can use light corn syrup instead if you can’t get liquid glucose.
      Happy baking!

      -Team Passion4Baking

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