Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

I’ve had a very busy week, baking for my new book, which will be out this fall.


Today I’d like to show you how easy it is to make marzipan roses, even from ingredients you can get from your supermarket.

Dr. Oetker has just launched a new product, a coloring gel which is great for coloring frostings or marzipan. You will only need a tiny amount of Dr. Oetker Gel Colors to get a lovely shade.

I use Odense extra white marzipan here. It’s easy to get a nice, even color when the marzipan is completely white, and since the almond content is 50% the taste is just awsome.


You may think that the gel colors make the marzipan very brightly colored, especially if you look at the box and the actual tubes.


But by using just a tiny amount of coloring gel, you’ll get lovely pastel shades.


I was inspired by this candy necklace, so I ended up trying to copy these colors.


For these cupcakes I made my favorite Vanilla cupcakes, you can find the recipe here.

I sliced off the top and then used some white chocolate frosting (you can find the recipe here) and covered them with marzipan which was colored With Dr. Oetker Coloring Gels.

If you like brighter colors, just add more gel.

You can find more information about Dr. Oetker products here.


Today I’d like to show you how I make marzipan roses, a step-by-step tutorial taken from my latest book Manuelas Romantiske Drøm. You can order the book here (Norwegian).


You don’t need any special equipment to make a marzipan rose, and they are super cute to use as cake or cupcake decoration.


You will need:

– marzipan or fondant

– a piece of cellophane or a small plastic bag

  • Start by making a small sausage shaped piece of marzipan, approx. 4 inches/10 cm.


  • Cover the marzipan with the cellophane and use your thumb to flatten. Make one of the longer sides thinner than the other.

2 mini rose

  • Remove the plastic and roll the marzipan into a spiral shape, thin side up.

3 mini rose

  • This will form the centre of the rose. Don’t roll it too tightly.

4 mini rose

  • Now you will need three small balls of marzipan.

5 mini rose

  • Cover the balls with the cellophane and push them down with your thumb.

6 mini rose

• Continue flatening the balls with your thumb until they are quite thin. Make one side thinner thinner than the other.

7 mini rose

  • Brush some edible glue onto the thicker edge of the petals.
  • Take one of the petals, thin side up, and lay it around the centre over the seam. Leave the edge slightly open.

8 mini rose

  • Then tuck the second petal slightly inside the first petal and squeeze it around the centre. Make sure the petal is slightly higher than the bud.

9 mini rose

  • Repeat with the third petal.

10 mini rose

  • Sligthly curve the edge of the petals out with your fingertips.

11 mini rose

  • Pinch or cut excess marzipan off the bottom of the rose.

12 mini rose

Rose done! So – absolutely no need for special equipment to make beautiful roses. If you want different shades of color within the same rose, use a slightly darker shade for the bud and a lighter one for the petals.


Have a great week!

Hugs from me to you.

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  1. Suzie Tarquinio Reply

    I love the roses! They look so real and are not that difficult to make. Wow. Thanks!

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