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You may have noticed that my blog has got a new look. After 6 years with the same design I thought it was time for a change. Hope you like the look!

Ok, so I’m super excited – excited beyond words – about the second issue of my English digital magazine. It’s all ready for you now, and I’m so in love with the cover: Passion4baking The Magazine – Vintage Cakes & Sweet. Could it be any more adorable or vintage looking than this? I have the most amazing designer, Philip McIvor, who just “gets me” when it comes to design. You just have to see the inside of the magazine to know what I’m talking about. And I could not have done this issue without Maria Villmones Bondeson, she is one amazing editor.



I’ve called this issue “Vintage cakes & sweets”, simply because I love the look of everything vintage. I love the simple style of old-fashioned cakes; a few strokes on the chocolate frosting with a spatula give such a retro feel.

12751990_10153307779367651_1668059694_o (1)

I adore old recipes and home-made old fashioned candies…


…not to mention the elegant dresses of past times.

quote picture (3)

I envision a world where people were more content with having a simple life. Taking more time to enjoy the small things in life. I envision housewives enjoying easy baking in the kitchen with their family. So in this issue, I have tried to go back in time to remember my favorite cakes and sweets.


You will find vintage layer cakes with frostings so amazing that they will make your mouth water. You will also find old-fashioned sheet cakes, loaf cakes…

Lemon loaf cake (4)

… and lots of vintage style cupcakes.


You will also find delicious milkshakes and sweets. I am sure you will find something to suit your taste buds.

I hope you got inspired, and that you want to look further into this issue.

If you are already a subscriber, log in HERE to see the full 200+ pages of the magazine.

If you would like to take out a subscription to Passion4Baking The Magazine, go HERE to register.


Have a great day, you all.









  1. A young Montrealer Reply

    Manuela, I love your website! I’m so glad I found it! The retro photography is so beautiful and inspiring.

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