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I’m happy that so many of you enjoyed “The making of a wedding cake” series on my blog.Today I will show you how to cover a cake with fondant or marzipan. Covering a cake with marzipan for a wedding is basically the same thing as for any other occasion.


How to cover a cake with marzipan


  • Rolling pin
  • Smoother
  • Pastry wheel

Knead marzipan until smooth and shape into a round disc. Use a work surface lightly dusted with corn starch.



Roll out to 1/8-inch (3 mm) thick, keeping marzipan from sticking to surface by lifting and rotating marzipan as you roll.



Lift the marzipan with both hands or your rolling pin, and lower onto a crumb coated cake.


Work quickly to prevent the marzipan from drying out. Use a smoother or your hands to smooth the top and sides of your cake, starting at the top, pushing out any air bubbles.


Use a pastry wheel to trim away any excess marzipan around the edges of the cake.


Smooth the marzipan with a smoother. I use a flexi smoother.


If you are making a tiered cake, you will need dowels. Insert one dowel rod into cake straight down to the cake board. Make a knife scratch on the rod to mark the exact height. Pull dowel out.

Dekke en kake med fondant eller marsipan del 5

Cut the suggested number of rods the exact same length, using the mark on the first one as a guide.

Dekke en kake med fondant eller marsipan del 6

Now, insert rods into cake, spacing evenly 1 1/2 inches in from the imprinted outline. Push straight down until each touches the cake board. Repeat this procedure for every stacked or pillared tier on the cake.

Dekke en kake med fondant eller marsipan del 7

Next time I will show you how to make this beautiful edible lace to decorate the cake, it’s so pretty.


Have a great day you all.



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