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I just love this tiered wedding cake. It was a lot of work making it, not to mention those sugar flowers… Oh my gosh it takes hours just to make one. But if you have the time, and you would love to learn how to make sugar flowers, then this blog post may inspire you.


Sugarpaste roses


  • Gumpaste
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Rose petal cutter
  • Shortening


Hold a florist wire in your hand and wind floral tape around one end to create the first clinging spot. Keep winding about 10 times, making sure to keep it tight.

Bend the taped top to create a loop, then keep winding another 10 times around the loop. Keep winding all the way down the length of the wire until you reach the end.

01 hvordan feste roser


Make gumpaste, you can find the recipe here.


Now you can make a sugarpaste flower directly onto the floral wire. Brush the taped wire with a little shortening. Make a small ball of gumpaste and place on the tip of the wire.


Roll the wire with the ball on your surface until the tip is pointed.

E95A9736 E95A9797


Bend the tip slightly, as shown below.

Grease your fingers. Flatten tip slighty until it resembles a fish tail.


Fold one side of the “fish tail” in towards the middle, then fold the other end to slighly overlap the first. (See step-by-step below.)

Let dry for 1 hour.


Roll a small piece of gumpaste until very thin. Using the cutter, cut out two petals.


Attach the first petal slightly higher than the base of the bud, pressing gently with your fingers. Leave one side unattached.


E95A9779 E95A9783

Insert the next petal underneath the open side of the first petal. Leave the other side unattached.

E95A9786 E95A9789 E95A9793

Shape the petals to make them look more natural.

Let dry for at least 1 hours before adding more petals.


E95A8030 E95A8055

  • Make more petals, preferably slightly thicker ones.
  • Use a petal cutter and cut out four more petals. Cover the rest of the sugarpaste with plastic wrap to avoid it drying out.

3-Hvordan lage roser

  •  Place the petals onto a foam mat and press with a rolling pin as shown below. Start in the middle and move in circular motions.

4-Hvordan lage roser

  • Flatten the edges a bit more than the rest of the petal.

5 Hvordan lage roser

  • Brush the center of each petal with edible glue. Place the first petal onto the bud on a slight angle. The petal should be slightly higher than the bud.
  • Press gently at the base and upwards until the edges meet and overlap.
  • Now there are three petals left. Place the next one just over the edge of the previous petal, and attach around the bud. Leave the edge open until you have fitted the next petal underneath to make them overlap. Continue with petal three and four.
  • Never press too hard at the top of the rose; you want to maintain the volume.

E95A0537 E95A0544 E95A0545 E95A0547

  • Use a tooth pick to shape the petals more lifelike.


Let dry.

If you like you can go bigger with these roses, but remember to let them dry in between.


I think it is so pretty to have a single rose on top of a cake, and maybe just a few rose petals on the side.


The flower-studded cake below took ages to make; the roses alone took me weeks… But it sure is a beautiful cake for a wedding!


That said, the most important thing when making a cake is the flavor, and that the guests will remember the cake.


I hope you all enjoyed this “The making of a wedding cake” series.


I will be back in a couple of weeks with another wedding cake series. It’s for my all-time favorite wedding cake:

The lace pillow cake! Stay tuned.


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  1. Unbelievable effort! I will try these but might stick to the one rose initially 🙂
    Thanks for sharing such detailed instructions

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