Hi everyone. Today I’ll share a fun dessert idea which you can make in no time: delicious Oreo ice cream cookies. I received two packets Golden Oreo cookies from Oreo. I opened the envelope, took out the cookies and laid them on the table. When I came back to my desk, they were gone…  My son Joseph (18), ate almost 1 whole pack of cookies… “Sorry, mum,” he said, “they were so good I just could’t stop.”

I know that Oreo cookies are incredibly popular – I can see it on instagram every time I post a picture of Oreos. I guess most of us have a love for Oreo cookies. These days Oreo launches the Golden Oreo; it is perfect to eat and so delicious.


You don’t always have a lot of time when you’re having guests over, or preparing for a birthday party. But if you have your favorite ice cream in the freezer, just take it out 15 minutes before making these treats, and bring out your ice cream scoop


Because we are making this ice cream yumminess…


Put one scoop onto an Oreo cookie.

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Put another cookie one on top and gently press together.


You can of course do this with the original Oreos as well.

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Put it into a cupcake liner, place on a tray and return to the freezer for at least one hour before serving.


So easy to make, so yummy and perfect for lovely summer parties.


You can use all kinds of ice cream flavours.


I have created plenty if ice cream recipes, you can find them here.


Hope you got inspired to make these delicious Oreo ice cream cookies.


I love this colour combination.


I wish you all a wonderful Easter.


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Have a great day you all.


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