Hi everyone, I love ice-cream and probably you too, I mean who doesn’t love a delicious dark chocolate ice-cream, A few months ago when I was in Chicago, my friend Tracy said Manuela did you know that you can make faux ice-cream with frozen banana.She mentioned that she had been freezing bananas and pureeing them into ice cream. It’s a lot more healthy ice-cream and super fast to make.  This ice cream is so creamy and you can make it with just one ingredient and no ice cream maker needed. You can add some flavours, so you get this dark chocolate ice-cream with a hint of peanut butter, an yes it is as delicious as it looks like.


Healthy Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

  • 2 frozen ripe bananas
  • 1 ts vanilla paste ( optional)
  • 3 tablespoon of dark Cocoa Powder 100%
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter


  •  Freeze 2 sliced bananas until solid, Use ripe bananas: They should be sweet and soft.
  • Freeze the banana pieces for at least 2 hours: but ideally overnight..


  • then mix it in a blender or food processor.



  • I like to add vanilla paste, it just gives more flavour.


  • Keep blending — the banana will look crumbly: At first the banana pieces will look crumbled or smashed. Scrape down the food processor sometimes.


  •  it gets creamy and a little gooey, just like custard ice cream, but it takes a while

first it will look like :

  • crumbly
  • gooey
  • oatmeal
  • creamy, soft-serve ice cream texture


  • This taste just so creamy delicious, and to think that this is made from just banana and some vanilla paste.


  • I love Chocolate so I added  3 tablespoon dark cocoa powder ( I use  Valrhona Cocoa Powder 100%) and I added 1 tablespoon peanut butter, If you don’t like it just leave it out.


  • Transfer it to an airtight container and freeze it until solid, like traditional ice cream.



  • I served this ice-cream to my friend i did not tell her it was made of banana, she loved it and was quite surprised that it was made from banana.


So yummy, hope you got temped to try it, I’m sure you will love it, and try some other flavours of your choice, until next time.





  1. Dear Madam,
    I’m writing to you from Iran, in order to tell how adorable you and your recipes are; and how much I got inspired visiting your Instagram page and Blog.
    I’m planning to make and bake lots of them, especially the chocolate ones, as soon as possible.
    With Love and Gratitude,

    • aww Fateme, you are the sweetest to tell me so, thank you so much. I love food from Iran, and i love the pistacia they have. Hope all is well, Love Manuela xo

      • Thanks a million for your kind words, dear Ms. Manuela.
        Sorry dear, I have a question: You have English digital magazine, as I saw that you have mentioned it in your Instagram for some recipes; do the recipes which appear in that magazine differ from the ones that are put on your nice blog?
        Sorry to take your time, and thanks a lot, in advance, for the time you take answering my question.
        Wishing you all the bests!
        With Love,

        • You are so welcome, yes some will appear on the blog some months after the magazine is out, but not all.

  2. Susan Purtell Reply

    would it be possible to have a printer friendly version for recipes please unless I’m missing something.

  3. Lovely!!! I simply cannot wait to make them!!!!!❤️❤️❤️???

  4. Binishasad Reply

    I m in lv we ur baking dear loveable Manuela,u r Greek god of baking,ur color tone of ur recipes n studio is amazing the Photoshoot the photography is outstanding,I really respect u as a Baker,keep baking n may God gives u good healthy n wealth in life,I m an Indian really crazy bout ur work always wait for ur posts on Instagram,thanku for showcasing the beautiful baking world for us,wd lv Binish☺️?

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