If you love caramell, you might love this cheesecake, it is super delish, and not to sweet.

It has a delicious fudge brownies bunn, caramell cheesecake layer and some loops of ganache,

Hope you get tempted to try it.


Caramel Cheesecake



  • 4 gelatine sheets*
  • 1 tabelspoon water
  • 700 gram cream cheese, room temperature
  • 500 ml cream whipping cream
  • 200 gram sugar
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla paste
  • 1 box Hapå /  Dulce de leche


Prepare the ganache, some hours before you serve this cheesecake.

Preheat the oven to 325°F (175°C) and line a round baking pan with baking parchment.

and make fudge brownies as described her. 


  • Let cool completely.


So in lovely Norway they sell this lovely box  Hapå that is filled with Dulce de leche, it is absolutely heavenly. Now if you can’t find this where you live, You can use Dulce de leche because it taste almost the same.



  • Put the cream in the freezer for 15 -20 minuttes before you make the cheesecake.
    In the mean-time add the gelatine leaves in a dish of cold water, and leave to soak and soften for 5 minutes. (you can leave this out if you can’t use gelatin, but you than need to freeze the cheesecake 3 hours before you refrigerate it overnight)
    Take the gelatine leaves out of the water, give them a good squeeze to get rid of excess water, and stir it into 1 tablespoon hot water (it will dissolve instantly). Leave to cool for a few minutes, and combine it with the cold cream ( use a whisk) and sett a side.
    Add cream cheese, sugar, vanilla paste, to a mixing bowl and beat with a whisk attachment on High speed until smooth and there are no lumps, around 5 minutes.



  • Pour in the cold cream and continue whipping until the mix thickens about 5 minuttes more.


  • Add 1 box of hapå ( caramel ) and mix it slightly.

E95A2412 E95A2420

  • Pour the cheesecake over your brownies bunn.


  • Refrigerate overnight


  • Put the cheesecake one hour in the freezer before you decorate with ganache.


Make the ganache, the recipe you can find her. It is best to make the ganache some hours before you serve the cheesecake.


I make loops with the ganache using a ateco 849 nozzle, se the video below.



E95A2546 E95A2595



  1. Hejsan! Jag tänkte göra denna imorgon, vi får främmande i helgen. Nu undrar jag om jag måste halvera receptet på browniesmeten och cheesecaken för att få kakan att rymmas i en springform som har diametern 22 cm? Tacksam för svar! Hälsar Johanna

  2. Hi Manuela!
    If we are using dulce De leche and philedelphia cream cheese then should we add sugar. ..or is it better to use slightly salted cream cheese like puk.
    Thanks dear.

  3. Hello, we don’t get Happa in South Africa, is this the same as canned caramel?? we get the Nestle Caramel Treat in South Africa

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