Hi everyone,
Hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying the sun these days. Now that the summer is coming our way, i thought it would be good to share one of my favorite ice-cream recipe’s, A delicious lush chocolate ice-cream, blended with salted caramel with you. It is just heavenly tasty and easy to make.
Let’s get started.



Lush Chocolate Ice-cream

part 1

  • 500 ml heavy cream
  • 150 gram dark chocolate 66% – 70 %
  • 50 gram dark cocoa powder

part 2,

  • 350 ml sweet condensed milk


Combine, heavy cream, dark chocolate and cocoa powder in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Whisk until the chocolate is meltet Remove from heat  Let it stand for 10 minuttes, to cool and chill 3-5 hours in the fridgde


  • When chocolate mixture has completely cooled,
    Pour into an ice cream maker. The ice cream maker I use in this blog-post  you can buy here.


  • Add the cold sweet condensed milk and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions.The ice cream maker that I use, has a powerful independent refrigeration system with compressor, that makes this ice cream scoop able after just 40- 50 minutes.


It’s so fun to watch this ice-cream come together, I just couldn’t help to taste once in a while, when it get thicker and become a delicious ice-cream.


You can enjoy it right away or scoop it in a container and add some delicious swirls of salted caramel, in the ice-cream mixture. you can find the recipe for the salted caramel here.


When you want to serve the ice-cream just remove it 20 minuttes before, and enjoy.


I took this delicious ice cream between two waffle cookies and some sprinkles,



Have fun with the sprinkles.



Have a great weekend you all, if you love the recipe,

I would love it if you share it, Thanks

Watch the video below, how i made this ice-cream

Love, Manuela xo





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