Hi sweet readers 

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend.I was in Stockholm for the weekend, it is such a beautiful city absolutely love it!

Last week I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel how to use different nozzles / tip for cupcake decorating. So, I thought I continue with a series of videos how to use different nozzles/ tip

Today I will show you how to make beautiful ruffles on a cupcake using a Russian Ball Tip

When it comes to decorating cupcake, use a cream that is stable and most important delicious, I don’t like buttercream so I use a very light cream made of the following;

  • Heavy cream
  • Mascarpone
  • Powdered sugar
  • Vanilla bean paste


It is called Manuela’s fluffy Frosting you can find it here, or in my new baking book Love Manuela.

You can order my book here.

The cupcake used here is a gluten free vanilla cupcake you can find in my new baking book too.

The nozzle I use here is called “JJMG Ball Russian Stainless Steel Tips Tulip Sphere” you can get it on Amazon or just google it.

 There are a few different Russian nozzles I liked this one in the video the best! Just fill up the pipping bag with the whipped frosting.

Start in the middle of the cupcake, press the frosting out of the nozzle and twist back and forth while you slightly lift the nozzle when you do this.

You can watch the video below; it might make more sense.

 I decorated the cupcake with just a few edible pearls.


For more decorating tips, like how to make swirls or  roses watch the video below!

 Check back soon everyone for some delicious Valentine yumminess coming up.

Love Manuela xox






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