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Hi sweet readers 

I just came back from Dubai, it was so fun to be there and to meet some of you that lived there!

Thank you so much to all of you that came to my masterclass in Abu-Dhabi it was so much fun to be with you all.

 One of the question I get the most in my inbox is where do you buy your pastel stuff.

And it is hard to answer you all because I buy it from different places I visit.

While I was in Dubai, at the train station I found a cute little store that had this travel planner, it was so cute on the inside in pastel pink, I think it was just a few dollars. And on the outside, it says “My little adventure”


I found the cutes postcards at the hallmark store I love that store, I loved the turquoise card that said XO it had a little necklace as well that said xo, and the cute pink card that says “this calls for cake” you can find these both at the hallmark store in the Dubai Mall.

Lately you see flower pattern on clothes and I fell in love with a phone cover from Ted Baker that had beautiful flowers on their phone cover.

Ted Baker makes the most beautiful clothes and shoes, shoes with the cute ribbon and bracelet I found both at Ted Baker.



 While in Dubai I love to visit Tiffany, maybe because of the famous movie “breakfast at tiffany” I don’t know but I just love to go in, and dream away. I was offered the cutes tiffany cookies, and tiffany magazine while I looked at the store. I was surprised they had cookies in the store, but I think it was just this store that had it. I will defiantly never eat these cookies they are way to pretty to eat.

I bought the cutes candy boxes at the supermarket, Leone candy I use these just for styling, I have been looking for these boxes everywhere!


While i was in Dubai i visit ” The Parlour ” fortnum & Mason it is right beside the Dubai Mall, talk about their famous ice cream , my gosh i still dream about there ice creams.




While you enjoy your ice cream and coffee on their balcony you will enjoy the view of the famous Burj Khalifa, building. In the evening, they have a water show in front of Burj Khalifa that is just magical.

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The inside of “The Parlour” is all pastel so I felt right at home.

If you ever in Dubai or London I could recommend a visit to the parlour!

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While I was in Dubai I was interview by MBC it will air this week on “ Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab” 

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Have a great day you all, hope to see you back soon

xo, Love Manuela



  1. Hi,
    How r u? I wish you in join in Dubai and how was the interview in MBC it was nice. Have a nice day.
    I love your baking creations

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