Hi sweet readers 

I got a lot of questions from you readers; how you can easily create your own fresh, fluffy almond flour in the comfort of your home.

To make almond flour the old fashion way I use a nut grater;

A Nut grater allows you to make a coarse powder of your favorite shelled nuts.

Like almonds, hazelnuts or pistachio.

I use almond flour a lot when I bake.

For you to grind your own almond flour at home, you will need a nut grater that you can attach to your mixer like the one I have. ( see video)

Or you can buy one, that is not attach to your mixer and use your hand and muscle to do the work.

When you buy ready-made almond flour, manufacturers often use heavy grinders and rolling mills to grind and press the nuts so they don’t turn into a paste.

I know many people use their food processor to make almond flour, and as it might look the same as mine, but when you bake cookies; let say my Norwegian almond cookies using a nut grater versus a food processor, you will notice that the cookies made with the nut grater is more moist and more gooey; and the one made with almond flour from the food processor give a more dryer taste to these cookies.

See the video below how to make almond flour;


BTW; If you plan to make almond flour to use for French macarons; I would suggest you use almonds without the skin.

Check back tomorrow i will share a recipe for almond cookies for easter.

Have a beautiful day you all. love Manuela xo


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