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I hope your weekend was great.
Now that it is October I will share a few pink recipes, one of them this pink mini princes cake, with a white ribbon.
I have gotten a few msg if I come up with some great Halloween ideas.
That is never going to happen as I can’t stand Halloween and all those scary cakes in the color black and orange it doesn’t even look appealing to me, to be honest.
But I will, of course, share lots of great recipe with you all this October just not in Halloween style.

This cake is made in the same way as this mini Princess cake recipe, that you can find here.

The only thing extra I added to the filling that is different in this princes’ cake, is the crumbled almond cookies, you can find the recipe for that here.
The almond cookies I underbaked, så you get this gooey cookie crumbles.

The video for my previous mini princes’ cake you can watch on my YouTube channel here; 
And the recipe for the mini princes’ cake you can find here; 

The white marzipan ribbon is made with a pasta maskin, the recipe for homemade marzipan you can get here.

Dust the top of each cake with powdered sugar, and add the white ribbon and you are ready to enjoy this cake.

The almond cookies crumble are so incredibly delicious in this cake.

When you make this, make your own pastry/vanilla cream and your own raspberry cream, it makes all the difference in this princes cake.

Sending good thoughts to all of you that are going through a difficult time with cancer, or have family and friends that go through that.
I certainly have a friend that goes through this and it is so sad, I pray you all be cancer free soon.
Hugs from me to you xo

Check back soon for another recipe,

Love Manuela xo

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    • You want me to send you the ingredients? for that you need to go to your supermarket, as i live in Scandinvia

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