Hi sweet readers,
If you have been following me for a while on my social media, you have probably noticed that I like to match colors whenever I bake.
I love pastel colors for all items — Bowls, spatula, and whisks…and even the right pink color on my nails inspires me in the kitchen.
Daily I get questions from my readers on where do I buy all my pastel baking equipment. Today I will share some of my favorite pastel items.

A few years ago I got to know the brand Mason Cash, a famous baking tool company and the wonderful people behind the company. I learned about them from the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago I was invited to.

I had seen these beautiful bowls a few years prior when I was traveling to London with my friend Janne. She bought quite a few of these Mason Cash bowls and loved to use them in her baking.
I didn’t buy any just because they weren’t available in pastel colors at the time. When I met them at the housewares show they had many beautiful bowls to choose from…unfortunately no pastel colors at the time.
Mason Cash has been around for 200 years. Their products and brand have endured the test of time and have become design icons.
But this year…drum roll!!!
The Mason Cash bowls finally come in the most amazing pastel colors!! I am in love!
The colors are gorgeous.


They have large mixing bowls in the most beautiful heart design.

It´s one of my favorite. It is perfect for sifting flours as you have plenty of space.


The pink one with hearts is so pretty.

The large bowls are perfect to proof a sweet dough as it has plenty of space to rise.

They also have small ones. It´s perfect to match the large and medium bowls.

I use these a lot whenever I separate eggs.


These colored mixing bowls are eye candy for any kitchen, and a joy to be able to use these in my baking.

These mixing bowls are available on my website (USA shipping only at the time). You can visit my website here. https://shop.passionforbaking.com/

That said, a lot of countries sell these mixing bowls, just check out the Mason Cash website to see availability in your area. http://www.masoncash.co.uk/


The Giveaway has ended;  the winner is … Phoebe congrats, send me an email with your address so we can send you the bowl.

So today – I want to give one of my worldwide readers the chance to win a mixing bowl of your choice.
All you need to do is write in the comment section below, or on my last Instagram/Facebook post where you see these bowls…what bowl/ color you would love to get.
I will pick a winner tomorrow, and announce it in the same blog post.

Best of luck! Have a wonderful weekend!



Love Manuela xo


  1. Hello Manuela!
    Those are so lovely bowls. I also love to use pastel colours when i bake
    My favorite would be light blue or pink with hearts.
    I got that your book, i love it <3

  2. Manuela, this has your name written all over it.. it looks like Mason Cass made it just for you!
    All the colors are Beautiful, but for me i would love the neutral White because it would go with a nu color!…. if course a variety would be nice also!…May your day be Dazzling. …Joy Faith

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