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Today, it’s all about beauty, care and well-being on passionforbaking.
With the start of the new blog, I have also created a new category called lifestyles, I decided that starting with the new year, I would like to write something else than just about baking, although the main focus remains baking, also in the future.
A few months ago, I got a lot of tests and I was able to try The Incredible Face Mask. I’m the kind that often becomes a little skeptical when I see other persons do a lot of marketing for a certain product.

So I took my time to get to know this product well before telling you about it, since my skin is very sensitive and I would never write about this product before I’ve tested it a couple of times and I see that this is a product I really can stand behind.
The Incredible Face Mask, is applied as a face mask.
I recommend that you first take your hair in a knit or hide it in a towel.
Then just use a brush when applying the mask.

Let the mask dry completely, take yourself a deserved break during the time, as this will take about 30-50 minutes.
Feel if the mask is dry with your fingers, if it’s still wet, let it dry for a longer time.

Then gently drag off the mask by pulling from the ends, the mask takes out sebum, removes blackheads and prevents acne, and it also pulls out small hairs in your face,

You’ll be left with a wonderful and baby soft skin in your face.

The results are really good!
Sundays at my place are always home spa, I have had the home spa for almost 30 years (I am 49 now). My home spa is a great way to clean my skin by using a good mask and I often finish it with a good serum and day cream.
I also often take a cure for the hair, I really think Sunday is the perfect day for this kind of things.
The whole year actually, but especially now, as the winter is here, and you know that the skin needs some extra care during the cold periods.
What The Incredible Face Mask, made for me, was that it cleaned the skin, you just feel it so clean afterwards, it also removed blackheads and some face hair and that is s absolutely great.
The mask tightens and feels like rubber on the facial skin.
Once it begins to dry you actually notice that something “happens” and you feel that the blood circulates extra while the mask is on.
What I loved so much was the feeling it gives when I pulled off the mask, make sure you let the mask dry properly, because if you do not, it will not be easy to pull it off.
After I took it off, I felt my face clean and fresh. My skin was soft and it had an incredibly nice natural glow, I finished with a day cream.
Right after I took off my mask, I felt that my face became so hot and I got a bit tired just as you get after you visit the spa.

It’s a wonderful feeling you’re left with after using the mask and you can actually feel that the blood circulates on your face for several hours afterwards and gives an extra, but natural glow.

This is how the mask looks after you pull it off, dead skin, blackheads and hair is torn away.

I have always been very lucky with my skin, never had problems with acne or anything else, but at the age of 49, during the last years I have been a little bothered by impurities on my nose.
Not that much so that others notice it, but enough to bother myself. After I have used the mask 3 times, most of the impurities are gone on my nose.
And that to me is just amazing as no other product has worked and given these results earlier.
I highly recommend The Incredible Face Mask, it’s worth every single penny and although it may sound like a selling point, I hope you trust me when I say that the product is working.
Do you also wanna try it? I have been allowed to give you a good 30% discount for a limited period of time.

Use the code passionforbaking or purchase directly by clicking the link here.
This is a great gift to give to your friend, sister, daughter or mother for Christmas and it has a good price. Feel free to make it a little more personal by
putting it in a nice box and buy a nice brush. We’ll never get enough of that. 🙂

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