Hi sweet readers.
This holiday season, I partnered with @sugarfina to create something for the holiday, A sugarfina gingerbread house.
Choosing which candies to decorate with was more difficult than making the gingerbread house base.
In the end, I decided to keep it simple with a few of my favorite seasonal sweets:
Click this link to see the blog-post I did for sugarfina and check out my gingerbread house.

If you love making a gingerbread house, how about one in the color pink, or baby blue or yellow?

It´s possible if you make it from marshmallows and use a gingerbread silicon mold.

I know you are probably thinking how does it get firm enough to make a gingerbread house.
The trick is to let it air dry at room temp for a week; you will then end up with a very firm marshmallow
I glue the house together with tempered chocolate.

And decorated the house very simple with candy from, @sugarfina

Marshmallows gingerbread house
You will need;

  •  One recipe marshmallow mixture.
  • One piping bag
  • large round nozzle wilton #1A
  • gingerbread house silicon mold, I use this one;
  • You will need a piping bag and a large round nozzle.
  • tempered chocolate
  • Sugarfina candy or any candy of your choice.


  • Make one recipe of  marshmallows mixture, you can find it here;
  • Prepare a piping bag fitted with a wide round nozzle # Wilton 1 A
  • Scoop the marshmallow mixture into a prepared piping bag.
  • Pipe the mixture into the gingerbread house silicon mold.
  • Let it dry for one hour, take it out of the molds and cover the whole marshmallow with the Marshmallow sugar coating
  • Let the marshmallow air dry for about one week.
  • Glue the house together with tempered chocolate and decorate as you wish with candy.

I Hope you got inspired,
Check back soon for a new recipe
have a beautiful day you all.

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