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Hi everyone; I just came back from Chicago, Each year I am invited to visit the Housewareshow, by  →heinspiredhome.com

I am also one of their contributors on their website → theinspiredhome.com

This year → theinspiredhome.com   wanted to bring their beautiful website to life with a magazine, it is a beautiful magazine and it should be on newsstands soon, but you can go and check out the digital issue here for free→ http://bit.ly/2DuGN1i

I walked the show for almost 4 day´s and found some cute stuff there, one of my favorite company to visit each year = →tenstrawberrystreet.com

They have the cutes mugs and kitchen supplies, and each year I am in awe of what the designer creates.

One of my favorite brand to visit when it comes to baking is A→atecousa.com

Their products are solid and last for years, love this cake stand to decorate cakes.

One of my favorite brand to visit that makes the beautiful silicon molds = →silikomart.com 

KitchenAid supplies the color that is going to be this year is pistachio green, I love the whisk below! so beautiful.

I have been a fan of Mason Cash for some years now, Normally I would not go for the colors below, but I really loved these cute bowls. Check out →masoncash


I saw a lot of water bottles when I  walked the houseware show, but this one  stood out, the bottle is made of glass and the silicone sleeve around it has the shape of a honeycomb,
There are thousands of products on the show that I love, but these are just a few of my favorite this year.

Have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading!


  1. So wonderful to see you again! Everything you create is so pretty!! I hope you enjoy your new striped HotSips!!

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