#ad for my own baking app

Hi You all, Guess what! I´m launching my very own baking app.
The Love Manuela app.

Baking is my passion, and after 10 years of blogging on www.passionforbaking.com and writing many baking books, I just love to be able to share my delicious recipes with you, on a new platform, in an easier way. It is almost like having a brand-new baking blog and starting fresh.

The Love, Manuela baking app, is available on both IOS and Andriod platforms and is available here (this link work only with your smartphone/mobile phone)
Or just search on the app store for Love, Manuela
Below is the pink logo for the Love, Manuela app.

This past year, there have not been that many updates on my blog, but that does not mean that I have been laying low when it comes to baking.
For about a year, I have been secretly working on creating a beautiful baking app with mouthwatering and delicious recipes.

From a very young age, I´ve been in love with baking and visiting bakeries. I developed my unique taste buds and my own way of baking, very early.

My favorite flavors to bake with are, vanilla, caramel, lemon, chocolate and you will notice that while scrolling through my recipes in this app.

I always believe that baking with Love, is the key ingredient, but how your baked goods taste at the end, is the most important.

This app contains everything that I love from cookies, brownies, cupcakes, layer cakes, sweet rolls, cheesecakes, frostings, ice cream cakes, sweets, meringues, and a few gluten-free recipes.

You will find a lot of recipes from the Scandinavian culture I grew up in.

I wanted to create a beautiful app that has delicious recipes where taste is my nr. 1 focus. I also wanted to have beautiful high-quality pictures, and most importantly, have the step by step pictures that I know is also important for you.
My app has 80 + delicious recipes from the start and a new recipe will be added every week.
Below you can have a sneak peek on how the app looks like.

Each recipe has gorgeous high-quality pictures.
Btw, this Lemon Meringue Cupcake is so incredibly delicious.

Each recipe has a link in Notes, with step by step pictures for each recipe.
For the step by step pictures, you need to be online.
Btw; This Salted Caramel Sauce is so yummy.

You can use categories for easy access and you can add the recipes you love the most to your favorite by clicking on the heart.

The most important with this app, of course, is that the recipes are well-tested and most importantly delicious.
Btw; the Lemon Ricotta Cake with lemon and marshmallow Frosting is one of my all-time favorite cake.

You will find a lot of recipes from the Scandinavian culture I grew up in.

In this app, you can search for recipes by title, ingredients or, free text search, and use advanced filter functionalities.
You can also add your personal notes to each recipe. (requires a login in order to save your personal notes)

I hope this baking app brings you joy and lots of happy hours in the kitchen.
If you purchase and love the app, I would appreciate you write a review on the app store.

Every week you will find a new recipe on this app, and if you can’t see the latest recipe, just close the Love, Manuela app, and re-open it.

I am so happy you’re here. Let´s bake! ♥
Love, Manuela xoxo


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  2. Hi Manuela
    Im one of your fans from Iran. Unfortunately your application is not working in my country.

    • Hi dear I know so sorry about that, Iran does not allow anything from Apple. I do hope you find recipes on my blog that you like.

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