#ad for my own store at www.lovemanuela.com
Hi everyone,
I´m happy to inform you that my own online store, lovemanuela.com is now launched and you can find lot of really good and cute stuff for your baking and kitchen, here.

Are you looking for cute spatulas, colorful sprinkles, delicious cake mixes and much more accessories or what about candles, candleholders, cute coffee mugs or maybe few pretty cake stands?

You will find these and many more exciting and nice products in my newly started online store at www.lovemanuela.com

We have free shipping on all EU & USA orders above $125. Otherwise it is only $19 for shipping.
All other countries and regions pay a $39 flat-rate all included.

We ship from Denmark, therefore VAT and customs duties are always included in the price you pay when checkingh out.

We do it so our customers do not have to pay any other extra costs or get surprises after delivery. I myself have experienced quite a few times where I have to pay extra after I have received the item and don´t think it is fun at all.

If you love cute spatula´s, you can find many fun and cute designs here

In my online store you will also find beautiful foiled cupcake liners that are just as pretty after you have baked in them. They come in a cute little box and come in 11 different colors/styles. You can find all my cupcake liners here
I am also very proud to show off my cake plate, in beautiful pink/white stripes. 
You can find my Love, Cakestand here.
This beautiful cakestand comes in a very nice giftbox as well for showing as well as safe keeping :)

You can also find many other pastel cakes stands like these below, in a very pretty color combinations.

You can find all my cake stands here

Otherwise what about some really cute forks and cups? You will probably find many of these in the shop here
You will also find lots of different sprinkle blends with nice words and small inspirational qoutes to give to someone you love, These blends are all edible and taste delicious.
You can find all blends in my shop here.

You can also find XL piping nozzle and good one time quality pipig bags wich you can use to make beautiful meringues.

You can find all my nozzles in my shop here.
You will also find a cake box with my own cake mix, frosting, nozzles, cupcake liners that are great to give away to someone who loves to bake. More about these bundle products I will write in the next and separate post. You will find two variants of these luxury boxes here.
My shop is filled with, among other things, many cute coffee mugs and many other products that are definitely worth a visit. Feel free to take a look here.

Have a beautifl weekend, XO, Love Manuela






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